Under the Spell of Omertà:

Manuel is searching for his biological mother, Eva. Meanwhile, in a Tuscan cafe, Manuel's adoptive aunt, Carolina, finds a photo of her with a baby. A veteran journalist, Carolina decides to investigate, unaware that she has just stumbled upon a hornet's nest of family secrets, organised crime machinations and a mysterious accident: all shrouded by theimpregnable veil of omertà. How will she break through the vow of silence governing everyone and everything involved and shake off the shadows of the past?

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ISBN 979-8-55165-057-7, price 14,70 €


Since autumn 2016 I have had the honour of being a member of the Betty MacDonald fan club.

The beloved American author (1908-1958) has fans all over the world who love her very special way of describing country life.


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